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APRSP ( Andhra Pradesh Road Sector Project):

The GOAP proposed a second project i.e. AP Road Sector Project (APRSP) with the loan assistance of World Bank for improvement and better management of the roads chiefly targeted to further strengthen the objectives set forth in the previous project (APSHP).

Objectives of the AP Road Sector Project (APRSP).
Present Project focuses on Economy, Growth & Social awareness.
Excellency Award to A.P. Road Development Corporation from Government of India


  • Reduce Vehicle Operating Costs
  • Reduce Travel Time
  • Increased road Safety
  • Improved Institutional Standards
  • Better capacity to manage Road Network
  • Initiation of PPP Projects
  • Long term maintenance strategy with performance based/output based contracts.
  • Increased Social issues.
  • Environmental friendly construction activities

Major components of the Project

     i)            Up-gradation and Improvement component for 429 Kms.  (2 lanes and 4 lanes) Rs. 1545.61 Cr.

   ii)            Long Term Performance Based Maintenance Contracts (LTPBMC) for 6241 Kms. Rs. 1427.66 Cr.

  iii)            Institutional Strengthening, Road Safety & PPP Facilitation Support etc., Rs. 191.40 Cr.  

Cost and Duration of the Project:

Cost of the project is estimated at Rs. 3165.00 Cr. (@ Rs. 49.00 per dollar). Project duration 5 years from signing of loan agreement (2010-2015)

Up-gradation and Improvement component for 429 Kms.

List of Roads     Phase-I                                                   Kms            Estimated Cost 
                                                                                                                    Rs. in Cr.


  1. Chittoor-Puttur road(CP-01)                          -               60.80                      150.73
  2. Kandi-Shadnagar road (KS-05)     -               69.90                      247.65
  3. Kurnool-Devanakonda road (KD-02)    -         60.60                      102.01
  4. Mydukur-Jammalamadugu road  -                35.67                      172.10
    (MJ-03 & MJ-04)
  5. Jagityal-Peddapalli road (JP-06)                  -               57.80                      113.18
         (G.O. Ms. No. 168, T(R&B) (R.IV), 
           Dt: 24.07.2009 for packages 1 to 5)

                                                                                                          Probable Cost

     6. Pedana-Vissannapeta road                    -                 82.90                   320.00
     7. Kakinada-Rajahmundry road                              -                 61.60                   319.00

  A.      Works:

       Package-I, - Agreement Concluded on 12.08.2009 and Work is in progress.

       For Packages KD-02, MJ-03, MJ-04 & KS-05, Re-invitation of bids is under progress.

       For package 5, Agreement concluded on 26.03.2010 and preparatory works are in progress.

       For package 6 & 7 DPRs under finalisation.

       Contractor's Workshop was Conducted on 29.07.2010.

B.      Services:

       M/s Scott Wilson Ltd., U.K. Joint Venture with M/s. Scott Wilson India. Pvt. Ltd., are appointed as Construction Supervision consultants for packages CP-01, MJ-03, MJ-04, KS-05 & JP-06 (Click Here)       

Long Term Performance Based Maintenance Contracts (LTPBMC) for 6241 Kms (Click here )

       Total No. of packages & length:                    37 packages
                                                                 6241 Kms length.

       No. of entrusted packages & length:               Entrusted packages 11 Nos. 
(G.O. Ms. No. 16, T(R&B) (R.IV),                   2013 Kms length 
  Dt: 19.01.2009 for 13 packages,     
   Rs. 410.00 Crores).

       11 packages are grounded.                           Works are in Progress

       For balance packages of 26 Nos., length 4228 Kms, tenders are programmed to be called for, during July - August 2010.


     In the Project Appraisal Document (PAD) the amount provided for Institutional Strengthening is (a) Rs. 4.20 US $ Million for ISAP implementation, (b) Rs. 1.80 US $ Million for Training and (c) Rs. 3.36 US $ Million for Monitoring & Facilitation (ISAP & GAAP).

     This component will provide targeted technical assistance, training and advisory services for (a) operationalization of the APRDC, with requisite capacity for its responsibilities in managing the CRN and new PPP Projects; and (b) various aspects of project implementation including the Asset management Program, the Governance and Accountability Action Plan (GAAP) and the Institutional Strengthening Action Plan (ISAP), plus associated monitoring and coordination.

PPP Projects under Implementation:

      Second bridge across river Godavari near Rajahmundry including approach roads connecting East & West Godavari Districts. � Total Project Cost of Rs. 808.00 Cr.  - Length in Kms - Bridge 4.20 km approaches 11 KM - Concession period 25 years.

      Hyderabad - Karimnagar - Ramagundam Road (Rajiv Rahadari). � Length in Kms � 207 Kms. � Total Project cost of Rs.1358.19 Cr. -  Concession period � 25 years.

      Narketpally - Addanki - Medaramitla Road . � Length in Kms � 213 Kms. � Total Project cost of Rs. 1196.84 Cr. � Concession period � 24 years.

PPP Projects under Pipe Line:

1.      Puthalapattu - Naidupet Road from Km 59/0 to 116.83. Length in Kms � 58 Kms. � Total Project cost of Rs. 306.00 Cr.

2.      Up-gradation and Improvement of road from Nellore to Gooty Road via Badvel � Mydukur � Rayalacheruvu. Length in Kms � 194 Kms. Total Project cost of Rs. 962.00 Cr.

3.      Up-gradation of road from Anakapalli to Anandapuram (SH-38) via Sabbavaram. Length in Kms � 48 Kms. Total Project cost of Rs. 455.00 Cr.

4.      Up-gradation of road Gundugolanu - Devarapalli - Kovveru. Length in Kms � 68 Kms.  Total Project cost of Rs. 531.00 Cr.

ANNUITY  PROJECTS: (Works in Progress)

1.      Improvements to Pulivendula � Ambakapalli � Murarichintala Road from Km 5/2 to 16/0  in Kadapa District.-Est. Cost of Rs. 22.40 Cr.

2.      Improvement to Pulivendula � Ramireddypalli � Palagiri Road from Km 2/5 to 27/6 in Kadapa District. - Est. Cost of Rs. 32.30 Cr.

3.      Improvements to Pulivendula � Parnapalli Road from Km 4/0 to 20/0 and 27/0 to 31/5 in Kadapa District. -Est. Cost of Rs. 28.91 Cr.

4.      Improvements to Rayalapyuram � Gandluru Road from Km 12/0 to 28/0 in Kadapa District. -Est. Cost of Rs. 20.45 Cr.

5.      Improvements to Pulivendula � Alavalapadu � Vempally Road from km 7/0 to 14/440 and 19/2 to 31/6 in Kadapa District. -Est. Cost of Rs. 28.50 Cr.

6.      Up-gradation & improvement of Kadapa - Pulivendula road in Kadapa District. � Total Est. Cost of Rs. 297.00 Cr.

i)                    (KP-01) from km 1/700 to 15/00. � Rs. 67.05 Cr

ii)                  (KP-02) from km 15/00 to 28/00. � Rs. 55.15 Cr

iii)                (KP-03) from km 28/00 to 46/200. � Rs. 91.46 Cr

iv)                (KP-04) from km 46/200 to 67/600 � Rs. 76.61 Cr

Project under Annuity:

      Construction of bridge across Vasista branch of river Godavari at Narsapur connecting Narsapur of West Godavari District with Sakhinetipalli of East Godavari District. � Project Cost of Rs. 66.57 Cr. Concession period � 12 years.

Core Network Roads -- Maintenance Policy

The Periodic Maintenance and emergency works pertaining to core network roads are sanctioned as per norms and tenders are under process, and certain works are in progress. The Ordinary Maintenance work are in progress.

Maintenance and Management of Core net roads

Annual Maintenance and Periodic Maintenance of these roads is done through the budget support of A.P Government under maintenance grant.

3054: SH-18.

Any capital nature of works viz, Road Widening, Reconstruction of Bridges, CC Pavements works etc, of these core net roads are executed through the Budget support of Government of A.P. under APRDC-grant (Non-Plan).

3054: SH-14.

These works are procured through E plat form executed through the Contract system and monitored through the net work of Territorial Engineering staff of RBD. 

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